Texas Student Success Program Inventory

Explore student success programs and initiatives serving
undergraduates at institutions throughout Texas

Student Success Programs

Explore student success programs and initiatives offered throughout the state of Texas.
Browse by the type of impactful practice offered by the program, by the intended target
population of the program, by the student success objectives of the program,
or by alignment with the goals of the Building a Talent Strong Texas strategic plan.


Research has found that student success programming prioritizes at least one of these six core objectives.
Explore Texas student success programs by their goals and the dimensions of student success they seek to improve.

Texas has laid out the Building a Talent Strong Texas strategic plan to achieve three measurable, data-driven goals by 2030.
Explore Texas student success programs by their alignment with each of these three strategic goals.

Research about Texas Student Success

These collections feature research and evaluations that have been conducted about student success programs - and student success more generally - within Texas.


Some of the student success programs featured in this inventory have preliminary or completed evaluations available.
Learn more about research that has been conducted on student success programs in Texas.

MDRC has conducted research studies about student success programs in Texas, including research on Student Success Acceleration Grant - Implementation Grant recipients as well as randomized controlled trials featuring Texas colleges and universities. Learn more about their findings.

The Texas Education Policy Institute has conducted research on factors related to student success in institutions of higher education in Texas.
Learn more about their findings following focus groups with student success stakeholders (students, administrators, staff, and faculty).

SSAP-IG Groups

For Grant Recipients Only. These groups are for programs that received the Student Success Acceleration Program Implementation Grant.

How to Submit New Programs & Update Existing Programs

If you are the author of a program page author in the inventory, you should join the TX SSPI Authors group, linked below. The THECB will use that group to share updates and reminders with program page authors. More information about program author responsibilites and instructions for making updates to exisitng program pages in the inventory can be found in the TX SSPI Authors group.