Submission Policy

All users are invited to submit content to OERTX through the Open Author tool or by providing a link to an existing web location. OERTX site administrators do not evaluate submitted content for quality. However, all content is tagged to show if the material has gone through a formal review or evaluation prior to submission.

Submissions will be tagged prior to publication on the OERTX Repository site, as follows:

  • Peer-Reviewed: the content has been formally evaluated by a group of experts external to the author’s institution before being submitted
  • Other Review: the content has undergone an evaluation by an expert or experts other than the author before being submitted
  • THECB Grantee: the content was developed as part of the Open Education Resources Grant Program of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • Not Reviewed: the content did not meet Peer-Reviewed, Other Review, or THECB Grantee prior to submission

Should material be reviewed or evaluated subsequent to submission, the author should contact the OERTX site administrators to request a change in tags.