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Module 5: OER at Texas State: Office of the Registrar

OER Course Markings

At Texas State, courses that have Open Educational Resources will be marked in the Course Registration system, and students can search via facets:

  • Affordable Learning Materials Cost Courses (ALMS) – required course materials are available for $50 or less including printing costs. 
  • Inclusive Access/Digital Direct Access Courses (DDAC) – includes the cost of your digital learning materials as an additional course charge on your tuition statement. 
  • Open Educational Resources (OERS) – students will have no textbook or learning  material costs as this course may use free and/or open educational resources. 


Allowing students to search for classes with these facets promotes college affordability overall and your course specifically.


Be sure to contact the Office of the Registrar, another member of your team, to finalize and market your selection of OER for your course!


Add Course View - Search by Section Attribute - shows attribute OER


Find more information on the Registrar's website.