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Module 5: OER at Texas State: Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL)

Who they are

The Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL) offers faculty direct consultation services with an ODEL instructional designer or course developer. You've learned already that affordable textbooks at large, and OER specifically, can have highly positive impacts on student success. Instructional designers are trained in both pedagogy and instructional tools, and they can help you deploy OER for course effectiveness.


How they can help with OER

Consultations: Learn more about consultations on their website.

Some of the types of things they can help with:

  • Increasing class size support - are your enrollment sizes increasing? Get help designing, planning, and delivering with a focus on manageability and student engagement.
  • Canvas basics and advanced skills - finished the basic Canvas training, but still not sure where to start? Get an hour-long consult focused on your course needs.
  • Quick Q&A - just got a quick question? Get a short booking to grab some face time with a designer
  • Recording help - just need someone to help you figure out the management of recording mini-lectures? They're there to help.


OER Grant Program

Beginning in 2021, ODEL launched an OER grant program to support faculty work in this area. For the first iteration of the grant, two categories were available:

  • Development Grants – up to $10,000 to support faculty or faculty teams in developing new OER for courses; and
  • Implementation Grants –up to $5000 to support faculty or faculty teams in the redesign of courses for using existing OER.

See the ODEL website for more information.


How to get involved

Learn more about Learning Experience Design on their website.