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Module 3: Creating OER

Creating Open Educational Resources: Tips for New Creators by Abbey Elder

Creating Open Educational Resources: Tips for New Creators by Abbey Elder is licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.


If you are unable to find open resources that can be adapted for your course, you may choose to create new content and release it with an open license. Creating and openly licensing your content not only allows you to present exactly the information you want, but also allows your creation to be discovered, shared, and adopted by a wider audience.

In order to be given an open license, all the supplemental material in an OER, such as images and charts, must be eligible to be shared openly. This may include:

  • Original material created by the author
  • Material created by another author and published with an open license, such as Creative Commons, or in the public domain
  • Copyrighted material if and only if the OER author has received permission from the copyright holder to use the material in a product that will be shared with an open license. For questions about this option, contact our copyright officer, Stephanie Towery.

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