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Module 4: Licensing: Fair Use Inserts

What are fair use inserts?

The full range of material from third-party sources that educators may wish to incorporate into OER.

These can be of any kind (texts, images, moving images, music, other sounds, computer code, etc.).


  • Inserts as objects of criticism and commentary
  • Inserts for the purposes of illustration
  • Incorporating content as learning resource materials
  • Repurposing pedagogical content from existing educational materials

Even though the items may be protected by copyright, you may be able to incorporate them into your work under the right to fair use. 

When including items under fair use, remember to mark the items clearly for future users.

For further information about fair use for OER, see the Code of Best Practices below. You can also review the video and PowerPoint from earlier in the module.


Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Open Educational Resources: A Guide for Authors, Adapters & Adopters of Openly Licensed Teaching and Learning Materials, available at is licensed under CC BY 4.0.