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Welcome to the Texas State University Open Educational Resources Community of Learning!

Open Educational Resources (OER) are becoming a hot topic in higher education, both as a resource to support textbook affordability practices and as a flexible pedagogical tool to customize and tailor course syllabi. An OER is anything published with an open license that allows it to be shared freely, edited, and reused. While open textbooks get the most attention, content in any format can be an OER: videos, podcasts, infographics, lesson plans, even entire courses. Because of open licensing, instructors who use OER materials can edit, add to, or combine resources to fine-tune their course syllabi .

OER initiatives are gaining traction across campus, but it can be overwhelming for interested instructors to begin an OER project on their own. The University Libraries Scholarly Communications Team has designed the OER Community of Learning to develop a campus-wide baseline of knowledge on the subject of OER and establish a network of advocates in order to support future university initiatives related to OER and textbook affordability.

The Community of Learning contains self-paced Canvas modules--created by librarians and peer reviewed by library staff and university faculty, staff, and administrators--supplemented by live online webinars and discussion groups . Working as a cohort over the course of a semester, participants will explore the what, why, and how of getting started with OER and gain the knowledge and resources they need to pursue their own OER projects.

We have another open version of this course platformed in Canvas. It is an earlier version, but is also openly licensed for your use.

The Texas State University Open Educational Resources Community of Learning was created by the Scholarly Communications Team at the Alkek Library. 

Content creators:

  • Mavis Klemcke
  • Jessica McClean
  • Dianna Morganti
  • Amanda Price
  • Stephanie Towery
  • Laura Waugh

Thank you to our peer reviewers, whose thoughtful comments and feedback were essential to the creation and improvement of this course.

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