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Module 2: Goals for OER Searching

Before you can start finding OER, it is important to have goals or an idea of what material you are looking for. For example, you may be looking for just one article, a video series, eBooks, or even a full course. 

Once you have idea of what kind of materials you are looking for, the next step is identifying key words and ideas to begin your search. ​It's always a good idea to start broadly and narrow your search as needed. ​For example, you may not find what you need with a search for "genetics," but you may find a useful section in a textbook you find with a search for "biology."

Compile all the material you can find first, and look more closely later. Give yourself options, and remember that you will be able to cherry pick and modify the best content.

After you find a selection of resources that seem promising, you can start evaluating them more closely using the tips and guidelines in the rest of this module.

Your Subject Librarian (link to email or list of contacts) would be happy to assist you with any part of this search process.