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Module 1: Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of the topics and concepts covered in Module 1. You must score 5 points to complete the course. You may retake the quiz an unlimited number of times.

Note: This quiz includes a question that will be manually graded. Grades will be updated periodically throughout the semester.

Quiz Type: Graded Quiz
Points: 5
Assignment Group: Assignments
Shuffle Answers: No
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Multiple Attempts: Yes
Score to Keep: Highest
Attempts: Unlimited
View Responses: Always
Show Correct Answers: Immediately
One Question at a Time: No
Question 1 1 pts

Which three of the following options are required for an item to be considered an Open Educational Resource (OER)? Select all that apply.

Group of answer choices
a. Free of charge
b. Licensed to reuse, retain, revise, remix, and redistribute
c. E-book version that costs $50
d. Available online


Question 2 1 pts

Which of the following can be an OER?

Group of answer choices
a. Podcast​
b. Lesson plan​
c. Course​
d. Video​
e. Textbook​
f. All of the above


Question 3 1 pts

The most commonly used license for Open Educational Resources (OERs) is Creative Commons?

Group of answer choices


Question 4 2 pts

Search the OER Commons site and identify one resource that relates to your teaching, research, or general interest.

  1. Provide a link to the resource.
  2. Briefly explain why you would or would not consider using this in a course.

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