Open Educational Resources Community of Learning

Module 1: Introduction to OER

In this first module, you will start laying the groundwork for your understanding of OER and the issues surrounding open resources in education. Throughout this module, and the course as a whole, you'll see that OER is more than just freely available textbooks and that there are more ways to get involved in the open movement than creating content from scratch.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Define Open Educational Resources (OERs)​
  • Differentiate between OER and other free educational materials​
  • Identify examples of OER types​
  • Recognize benefits of OER adoption in courses



A scheduled live session follows this module.

The live session for Module 1 will be the Introductory Discussion Group. During this session, we will introduce the instructional team and the course participants and talk about our motivations for taking the course. 

Participants will receive an Outlook meeting request for this session. The date and time of this session is in the meeting request.