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Module 3: Incorporating Open Content into Courses

One way to incorporate more OER content into your course is to make a direct replacement of a copyrighted resource with an open resource. This is a relatively quick and easy first step to expanding use of open educational resources.

Remember, open educational resources are not limited to textbooks. You may be able to find an openly licensed video, podcast, or infographic that easily fits into your existing course as a supplemental resource, or you may consider using an openly licensed assignment or assessment.

Some tips for using openly licensed content in your course (see Module 4: Licensing for more information):

  • Check the licensing for the content you find. Be sure you can tell the difference between content that is openly licensed and content that is free to access but copyrighted.
  • Openly licensed content can be uploaded to your Canvas site or printed as necessary.
  • For content that is free to access but copyrighted, such as journal articles included in the library's subscription databases, adding a permalink to your Canvas site is the best option. On the next page, you will learn more about a Canvas extension called Reading List Builder that can help you collect and organize permalinks for a course.
  • Remember to always attribute the content you use. Refer to Module 4: Licensing for more information on how to do that.


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