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Module 4: Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of the topics and concepts covered in Module 4. You are going to build an attribution yourself. Try and pick a resource that you will be using in the future, so you can use the attribution in your work.

Note: This quiz includes a question that will be manually graded. Grades will be updated periodically throughout the semester.

Quiz Type: Graded Quiz
Points: 2
Assignment Group: Assignments
Shuffle Answers: No
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Multiple Attempts: Yes
Score to Keep: Highest
Attempts: Unlimited
View Responses: Always
Show Correct Answers: Immediately
One Question at a Time: No


1. Find a resource that you would like to use in a course. It can be anything that fits one of the four conditions:

1. You created it.

2. Someone else created it, but it is openly licensed.

3. It is in the public domain.


4. It is a fair use insert.


Build an attribution for your resource.





Reminder: if you are modifying the resource remember to say that in the attribution.


Question 1   1 pts

Reproduce the attribute in the text box. Remember to add links where required by the license (4.0 licenses require TASL to be links).

[Free text for student answers.]



Question 2 1 pts

Describe briefly where you would place your attribution.

[Free text for student answers.]