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Module 4: Licensing: What Creative Commons licenses won't work with OER? Review

Review - because licenses are confusing

Some Creative Commons Licenses do not meet the strict definition of OER used in some grants and legal requirements.

CC BY and CC BY SA are considered truly "open" and satisfy the 5Rs of OER. The other licenses are still useful but they may be more restrictive than your circumstance will allow.

Check your grants and local requirements to make sure you can use a more restrictive license. 


ND licenses can't be modified and shared - so make sure you haven't modified anything marked ND.


CC BY and CC BY SA  are not compatible with NC licenses. So avoid using any material marked NC unless you are able to rely on fair use.


All of the CC licenses work with fair use. Even if you think the license may be incompatible, you can use it if your use is fair.