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Module 2: Quiz

Quiz Instructions

This quiz will test your understanding of the topics and concepts covered in Module 2. You must score 3 points to complete the course. You may retake the quiz an unlimited number of times.

Note: This quiz includes a question that will be manually graded. Grades will be updated periodically throughout the semester.


Question 1  1 pts

Why is it advantageous to use repositories such as: OER Commons, Merlot, and Skill Commons? 

Group of answer choices

Peer reviews and rating scales that allow you to quickly evaluate materials.

Each repositories organizes their materials based on title and subject.

They have been peer reviewed by famous professors

They are the only ones with access to full text materials.


Question 2  1 pts

  • Tips for Evaluating OER​
  • Clarity, Comprehensibility, and Readability​
  • Content Accuracy and Technical Accuracy​
  • Adaptability and Modularity​
  • Appropriateness​
  • Accessibility​
  • Supplementary Resources

Pick one category and write between 1-4 questions that you can ask to help evaluate OER materials. 

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Question 3  1 pts

Using tips from this module, find and upload a web link to a photograph that has a Creative Commons license.  Note this will be graded manually.

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