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Module 3: Open Pedagogy

Open Dialogues: How to Engage and Support Students in Open Pedagogies by Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia

Open Dialogues: How to engage and support students in open pedagogies by Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia is licensed under CC-BY 2.0.

To incorporate open educational resources even further into your course,  consider incorporating or developing class assignments that allow students to create their own open materials and share their work with the world. 

This type of assignment falls under the heading of "Open Pedagogy." As defined by BCcampus on their Open Education page, open pedagogy, also known as open educational practices (OEP), is the use of open educational resources (OER) to support learning, or the open sharing of teaching practices with a goal of improving education and training at the institutional, professional, and individual level.

Here are some examples of activities and assignments that support Open Pedagogy:

  • Adapt or remix OERs with your students
  • Build OERs with your students
  • Teach your students how to edit Wikipedia articles
  • Have your students help write test questions
  • Facilitate student-created and student-controlled learning environments in your LMS
  • Build course policies, outcomes, assignments, rubrics, schedules of work collaboratively with students


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