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Online Technical Writing: Free Online Textbook for Technical Writing

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This text came about in the mid-1980s while I was working at IBM–Austin, Texas, and teaching as an adjunct at Austin Community College. Using a desktop publishing system called Interleaf, I wrote this at a time when most students still used typewriters. There may still be vestiges of this era in these pages. In 1994, I discovered the web and began a mad dash through my lunch hours converting the Interleaf files to HTML using loads of macros I created in Emacs. In 2014, I began extensively overhauling this thing and trying to modernize it. Some of the examples are from my technical writing teaching days in the early 1980s at the University of Texas. They are dated but good examples. Readers are encouraged to send me updates!

Material Type: Textbook

English Composition I

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In addition to providing course content for first-year English composition, this Lumen Learning OER resource provides videos, questions, activities, and internet links for further study. The textbook's "About this Course" link states, "English Composition I develops students’ critical reading, writing, and research skills at the college level, with course materials structured around essential parts of the academic writing process. Key topics include reading strategies; rhetorical modes, multiple stages of the writing process; how to conduct research and cite relevant sources; grammar and mechanics; and success strategies. Engaging, curated OER content includes text, video, interactive self-check activities, and more. Content works well for standard instruction or diagnostically to reinforce areas that need attention. This course may be used alone or as part of a three-level sequence that prepares students for college-level work."

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Full Course, Lecture Notes, Textbook

Author: Lumen Learning

Nutrition Analysis from 48 hour recall

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This is an Anatomy and Physiology lab activity that allows students an opportunity to reflect on their eating patterns and goals from their own data. The image of the nutritional label from

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment

Author: Patrice Parsons


Le Chatelier's Principle Dry Lab

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This resource is a virtual Le Chatelier's lab.  Pictures of systems at equilibrium are presented, then pictures are given after different stresses are applied.  A buffer system with pH data is included.  This resource is designed to accompany Chemistry Atoms First 2e section 13.3 Shifting Equilibria

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Yokabet Gedeon

Intermediate ESL Writing: Types of Sentences

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This handout is designed for intermediate English language learners in writing classes. The focus is on sentence-level errors and particularly the order of words in a sentence.   Second language learners tend to refer to their native languages when writing.  So no matter how well they write their ideas, this handout will help them understand and practice their word order errors. The handout includes clear charts of the order of words in a sentence, examples, exercises, and a quiz.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment

Author: Sharla Jones

APR vs. APY study guide

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This is a quick guide to help students differenciate the terms APR and APY.  There are formulas presented to help students calculate APY given certain parameters of investments.  The guide also presents formulas to allow students to calculate APY outside of the traditional one year examples.

Material Type: Student Guide

Author: George Swindell

Successful Online Teaching

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This short module teaches instructors about Moore's three types of interactions in distance education while exploring strategies to improve each type in their own courses. It is research-based and includes references and a quiz. It was designed with higher education in mind but is applicable for isntructors at all levels.

Material Type: Module

Author: Waneta Hebert

Finding Library Database Sources for an Assignment

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This lesson goes over using library databases to find sources for a paper in a general education freshman or sophomore level class. In the activities in this lesson, the student will find one resource, create a search log, and develop a basic understanding of the process of searching library databases.The sample search is for a paper on music education in a teacher education class.

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Jennifer Crispin

Abstract Algebra: Examples and Applications

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This book is designed to make "Abstract Algebra" as down-to-earth as possible. Using concrete examples such as the complex numbers, integers mod n, polynomials, symmetries, and permutations. We also introduce some of the beautifully general ideas of the theory of groups, rings, and fields. Along the way, we give applications to signal processing, cryptography and coding theory, as well as making connections with other branches of mathematics such as geometry and number theory. The textbook is provided in three different formats: hyperlinked online version, pdf, and spiral bound copy ( is recommended for on-demand printing).

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Textbook

Authors: Christopher Thron, Justin Hill

Finding OER Materials You Can Start Using Now

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The objective of this module is to show the many ways you can quickly and easily find OER materials in OER Commons. This module, “Finding OER Materials,” is activity-based; you'll be guided through the process of finding OER materials you can start using in your teaching and learning.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: ISKME