This lesson goes over using library databases to find sources for a paper in a general education freshman or sophomore level class. In the activities in this lesson, the student will find one resource, create a search log, and develop a basic understanding of the process of searching library databases.The sample search is for a paper on music education in a teacher education class.
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A. P. Anderson
on May 01, 08:47pm Evaluation

Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter: Strong (2)

The sections on building a search query & tracking via a search log are detailed and informative. The section about how to find and access library databases to begin with is really open-ended and vague... but it kind of has to be, as it is designed to be useful for anyone using any library in the world. This section is a prime candidate for remixing and tailoring to make this resource useful for your own home institution.

A. P. Anderson
on May 01, 08:47pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Superior (3)

I can easily see this resource being used as part of the library instruction embedded into a class, particularly as homework to be assigned to students before visiting with a librarian.

Note: The screenshots used as examples need to be given need better captions/alt text. A person navigating this resource using a screen reader wouldn't be able to derive any meaning from them aside from the fact that there were images in the resource.

A. P. Anderson
on May 01, 08:47pm Evaluation

Opportunities for Deeper Learning: Superior (3)

This resource provides a solid guide to help students learn how to perform higher level searching. It engages learners to:
- Think critically and solve complex problems
- Learn how to learn
- Apply discrete knowledge and skills to real-world situations



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