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Analyzing the OER Landscape

Analyzing the OER Landscape


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate their plan to assess their institution's current state of OER awareness and implementation

Gaining a deeper understanding of the OER landscape in your state, region, institution, and department can greatly help inform your OER initiative. This process might involve informal information gathering or more formal research. One approach is to adapt questions used in the statewide OER landscape studies for use at a specific institution. Because the landscape surveys are openly licensed, campuses are free to draw on the questions and methods used in those surveys to analyze the landscape of OER at their institutions. Applicable questions from the surveys that can be translated to local contexts include:

  • What OER definitions, policies (including open licensing), programs, and courses are already in place?

  • How are the course marking requirements of TEC, Section 51.452 being implemented?

  • What individuals, offices, and roles, if any, lead OER efforts on campus?

  • To what extent does internal and/or external collaboration support OER work?

  • What OER enablers (such as professional development and funding) and barriers exist on campus?

  • How does your campus collect data to assess the effectiveness and impact of OER?

These questions could be distributed as questionnaires to library staff, administrators, or faculty at an institution informally, if a more formal research approach is not an option. Using campus listservs, putting flyers in faculty mailboxes, or other ways of reaching out directly to potential respondents will yield some information regarding OER awareness and initiatives. In addition, conversations with individuals across the institution, asking questions related to OER and how folks think about it, will provide a sense of the level of awareness on campus. Each respondent to the landscape surveys also can contact the THECB to request access from ISKME to their survey data disaggregated by institution. Please email to request this information.

Here is a sample survey that was created by OER Leads at Del Mar College

OER (Open Educational Resources) Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gain a snapshot of the extent DMC makes use of OER materials

1. Please list the course(s) whereby OER are utilized within your department (e.g. CHEM 1406, BIO 1308, etc.) Note: Don't be concerned if you don't capture every course.

2. To the best of your knowledge, for those who make use of OER, what type of material is it?

  • Textbook
  • Online homework portal
  • YouTube videos
  • Other

3. In general for those faculty who don't use OER, what are the primary reasons for this?

  • A suitable OER is not available
  • Faculty have not been made aware of current repository of OER in their respective disciplines (otherwise they may use such)
  • Content of course material changes frequently and OER lags behind
  • Other

4. OPTIONAL: Feel free to offer additional comments with respect to OER

Planning Prompt:

Share your plan for how you will assess your institution's current state of OER awareness and implementation by replying to the group discussion here


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