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Developing OER Programs & Partnerships

Developing OER Programs & Partnerships


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Identify which OER Programs & Partnerships they plan to engage with to support their OER initiative

OER Programs

There are important supports available for Texas institutions to develop plans for their OER programs, including participating in training academies, building their own Hub space in the OERTX digital repository, connecting with collaborators, and leveraging best practices. Establishing foundational knowledge on open educational resources and practices, and having a central place for institutions to collaborate, curate, and share resources help build a solid foundation to advance OER programs.

The Getting Started with OER Hub is a helpful space to learn more about OER and OERTX, find research and training materials, explore curated collections, access OER Professional Learning and Communities of Practice Groups, and share resources.

The OERTX digital repository and collaboration space can provide a home for sharing information, resources, and communities of practice for an institution. Institutional Hubs on OERTX are landing pages within the repository where an institution can share their work, strengthen a sense of community, and provide collections of OER contextualized to their unique needs. Check out these examples of instutional hubs for Austin Community CollegeSan Jacinto College, and Houston Community College.

Working with ISKME, THECB offers Hub and community overview sessions for OERTX institutions. Institutions that decide to set up a Hub work through a planning checklist and then join a Hub Onboarding Session, which includes training on how to manage their Hub, creation and addition of Groups, and best practices for Hub development. Participating institutions are provisioned with an OERTX Hub, where they may share information about their OER work, curate resource collections, and develop working groups or communities of practice. Institutions must have site administrators to build out and manage the resulting Hubs. If you are interested in participating in training academies and / or building a Hub, please contact

OER Partnerships

Establishing or joining a consortium or less formal partnership across multiple campuses or institutions can help newer OER initiatives benefit from the work of others who are further along the path in their OER programs. Additionally, partners can take advantage of open licensing to create shared resources that can be developed and maintained by faculty across institutions. Such multi-institution relationships are important for both developing and mature OER programs to provide community support, share information and experience, and provide faculty collaborations around content creation, adaptation, and implementation. Events like Open Texas and the Digital Learning Summit, the THECB’s Professional Learning Academies, and OERTX Hubs can motivate institutions to connect with like-minded partners to form consortia, like the Houston Area OER Consortium.

Planning Prompt:

Share the Programs & Partnerships you plan to build and engage with by replying to the group discussion here

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