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Building & Engaging Your OER Coalition

Building & Engaging Your OER Coalition


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Identify which collaborators they will be engaging with for their OER initiative and what they will be asking them to contribute

OER Coalition

Once you have clear OER goals and success indicators, you will want to connect with collaborators who can contribute their expertise to help you grow your OER initiative. Before reaching out to your larger campus community, it is helpful to explore if there are any Champions and Early Adopters that are currently using OER, any existing partnerships with OER projects or providers, and any OER priorities, initiatives, policies, programs already in place.

Below are a few suggested collaborators you can reach out to and their areas of expertise. Refer to pages 13-14 in the OER Playbook for more information. Share which collaborators you will be engaging with for your OER initiative and what you will be asking them to contribute below.          

Campus Role

Goals and Areas of Interest and Expertise                                    


Affordable learning, copyright, faculty development, discovery, and curation                                                        

Faculty Adopters

Equitable student success, equitable student access, academic freedom, course enrollments, engaging curriculum that is locally and culturally relevant, supporting social justice through open pedagogy, high-quality textbooks, readings, and ancillary materials                 

Instructional Designers       

Course design, copyright permissions, accessibility 


Retention rates, student feedback, enrollments, equitable student success               

Student Leaders

Cost savings, quality of curriculum, student engagement in courses, accessibility, equitable access to materials, relevant materials, belonging                          

Planning Prompt:

Share which collaborators you will be engaging with for your OER initiative and what you will be asking them to contribute by replying to the group discussion here

Note: You will need to be logged in and join the OER Playbook Group to be able to reply to the discussion.

  Our OER Coalition Collaborators include:

Campus Role:Goals & Areas of Interest / Expertise

Additional questions to consider while building and engaging with your OER Coalition include:

Who should be included in OER efforts (a committee, taskforce, council, etc.)?

How will we train and empower leaders?

What leadership messaging needs to be in place that conveys that cross-institution partnerships are a priority on campus?

What resources will help to empower those directly advancing open educational resources, so they are able to connect and build effective partnerships in their offices?

How might students be engaged in partnerships to help share information and advocate for OER? What are the benefits of student involvement – both to students and the institution?

How might academic and student affairs units (e.g., student support services like tutoring, math and writing centers, academic departments, advising, counseling, online and continuing education, instructional design, faculty senate, library, finance and budgeting) be engaged as experts and trusted advocates?

What internal or external partners can offer skills or resources to support this work?