Analyzing the OER Landscape

by Megan Simmons 8 months ago

Share your plan to assess your institution's current OER awareness and implementation by replying below. Refer to page 2-9 in the OER Playbook for more information. 

Your plan may include informal information gathering and/or formal research, such as utilizing these sample OER survey questions that can be translated to local contexts:

  • What OER definitions, policies (including open licensing), programs, and courses are already in place?

  • How are the course marking requirements of TEC, Section 51.452 being implemented?

  • What individuals, offices, and roles, if any, lead OER efforts on campus?

  • To what extent does internal and/or external collaboration support OER work?

  • What OER enablers (such as professional development and funding) and barriers exist on campus?

  • How does your campus collect data to assess the effectiveness and impact of OER?