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BUSA 2205: Fundamentals of Computer Applications
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What is this course all about? To give you a basic level of computer application literacy primarily, Spreadsheets, and database Excel

Learning objectives:
- Gain an understanding of information competency, the Information Processing Cycle, Basic Components of the - Personal Computer, and Technology used in the Workplace.
- Demonstrate the ability to Create and Edit Workbooks and Charts which utilize Functions and Formulas.
- Understand and applying the fundamental database concepts to spreadsheet development such as Importing,Creating Tables, Sorting and Filtering, and using Conditional Formatting.
- Use advanced spreadsheet concepts such as Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks, applying Advanced Functions, Setting Validation, and Protecting Workbooks.
- Develop an understanding and exposure to new and emerging technologies
- Gain the ability to serve as an informed purchaser of technology (personal, commercial)
- Prepare a capstone project which applies concepts and principles of course to a unique series of problems.

Computer Science
Information Technology
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Full Course
Georgia Highlands College
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