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Critical Thinking in Academic Research
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One of the primary goals of attending college is to become a critical thinker. As students evolve into lifelong learning they will have to navigate an incredible amount of information related to their studies and personal lives. The ability to explore their world will be dependent on their research and information literacy skills. In fact, when employers were asked about the information skills desired in new employees, they “placed a high premium on graduates’ abilities for searching online, finding information with tools other than search engines, and identifying the best solution from all the information they had gathered” (Head, 2012).

Critical Thinking in Academic Research will introduce students to the techniques and principles of critical thinking. However, a commitment to lifelong learning is required for critical thinking, it takes more that a single course or reading a book. In order for students to develop their own arguments, they need to find supporting evidence. This text provides guidance on developing research questions and finding resources to answer the questions.

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Robin Ewing
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