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Designing for Open Pedagogy

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Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for a free and open webinar on Designing for Open Pedagogy. Open Pedagogy was first introduced by Lumen Learning co-founder David Wiley, as a way to capture how the use of OER can change educational practices. He relates that using OER in the same way as traditional textbooks is like driving an airplane down the road – it is missing out on what open can provide for student and teacher collaboration, engagement, and learning.

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Authors: Michael Elmore, Suzanne Wakim

Open Pedagogy Approaches: Faculty, Library, and Student Collaborations

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The entire spirit of this book project reflects the editors’ shared belief in the power of an open and inclusive community, of learning, and of collaboration toward innovation. From the outset, the editors knew that this book would be an open project in its own right. It had to be published openly (to practice what we preach), and it would serve as an opportunity to learn the process of creating an open book from start to finish, including, for example, developing review criteria that would ensure rigor, diversity, inclusion, and ingenuity while drawing from the open community to involve both novice and expert OP practitioners both as authors and readers.

Material Type: Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Textbook

Authors: Alexis Clifton, Kimberly Davies Hoffman