Jessica Herzogenrath, Kaitlyn Ross
U.S. History
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  • United States History I
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    Education Standards

    Activity: Module 3 (With or Without Technology) -- Considering Legacies

    Activity: Module 3 (With or Without Technology) -- Considering Legacies


    Activity for HIST 1301 United States History I (Module 3)

    Activity: Module 3 (With or Without Technology) -- Considering Legacies

    Note: With or Without Technology

    This activity could be done either with or without in-class technology. We have presented it as "Without Technology," but the addition of online research for their activity would render it "With Technology."


    We recommend groups numbering between 3 and 5 students.


    If using the activity as With Technology:


    We recommend asking students to include their sources either as links with their submissions or in the notes/comments section of the submission portal in your Learning Management System. 


    We recommend students sharing their work via your Learning Management System or another online platform, such as Google jamboard or Padlet. 


    HIST 1301: United States History I 

    Activity: Module 3 (With or Without Technology) -- Considering Legacies


    This activity gives students practice evaluating different perspectives of this historical period by asking them to consider how colonization was and continues to be viewed differently by different groups. Understanding perspectives and motivations is essential for critical thinking and writing skills. Students will also take on the role of instructor by designing their own activity that explores the complex legacies of colonial exploration and exchange.  


    Begin by considering the following perspectives on colonization as a class: 


    In small groups, consider the video and article/podcast you examined. Had you previously considered all of the perspectives covered? Did anything surprise or challenge your thinking on the legacies of Exploration and Exchange? 


    As a group, brainstorm, research, and then design an assignment that teaches others about the legacies of colonial exploration and exchange. Remember to identify the objective and output that you expect to be completed. 

    Some guidance:

    • Think about how you best learn material -- writing, audio, visual, moving, games, or some combination thereof.

    • Limit your assignment instructions to one page. Think about what information you would need to complete an assignment.

    • Incorporate a range of sources, such as reading, audio, images, maps, popular culture references, etc. 

    • Give a clear objective for the assignment.


    Each group should prepare to share their work with the class in a brief presentation. Identify one member of your group to share the assignment you created.