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Eagle Mentoring Program - Engaging faculty to Adapt and Grow to help students Learn and Excel
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EAGLE is a mentoring program that pairs new teachers/adjuncts and facilitators from partnering school districts (ISDs) with seasoned LIT faculty to immerse them in LIT’s culture and receive any needed support.

Throughout the semester, the mentor will meet with mentee in person and/or online to review processes, policies, procedures, the learning management system (LMS), and the early alert system. The mentor will also generally be available to provide support and assistance, serving as the mentee’s point of contact for immediate assistance and providing instructional support as needed.

DELIVERY FORMAT: The program has a hybrid format.

PROGRAM SCALE: Large-scale (reaches more than 25 percent of its intended target population)


HOW TO ENROLL: New teachers, adjuncts and facilitators will be assigned to a mentor during their first semester at LIT.

EVALUATION STATUS: No data related to outcomes have been collected from this program

DEPARTMENT(S) OVERSEEING PROGRAM: Instructional Division, Office of the Provost/Vice President of Instruction

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: Dr. Angela Hill at ajhill@lit.edu or 409-880-8188

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