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SLIDE Practices for Creating Accessible Documents
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If you are new to accessibility, this resource is meant to be your entry point into the creation of accessible content with familiar tools such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs. You will learn about five practices (captured in the mnemonic SLIDE) that can have a significant impact on the learner experience for all students, especially those who rely on assistive technology for their access to the curriculum.

Each of the practices is described in more detail in a playlist of closed-captioned videos with step-by-step directions you can follow at your own pace. Pause the videos, try things out, and reach out to staff at the National AEM Center at CAST if you have any questions. While the practices are explained in the context of creating an accessible document, with one exception (Styles) the techniques apply to slide decks as well.

Educational Technology
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National Center on Accessible Educational Materials at CAST
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