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Calculus I Quizzes

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These quizzes are aligned with the topics in the Calculus I Lecture Notes. With the exception of a few of the application problems, all materials are original. The quiz problems are attached in a zip file to be used in the WeBWork open-source online homework/assessment system. (Also, a pdf version of the quizzes is attached for quick reference.) These problems may be used either in quizzes or homework assignments. They were funded by the THECB OER Development and Implementation Grant, 2021.

Material Type: Assessment

Authors: Bentley Garrett, My Linh Nguyen, Mieczyslaw Dabkowski, Rabin Dahal, Viswanath Ramakrishna, Vladimir Dragovic, Jigarkumar Patel

Calculus I Lecture Notes

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Topics in the lecture notes are aligned with section titles in Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th edition, by James Stewart (Cengage Learning). With the exception of a few application problems, all materials in these lecture notes are original. These notes are self-contained and may be used as a stand-alone, free, open-source text. These materials were funded by the THECB OER Development and Implementation Grant, 2021.

Material Type: Lecture Notes

Authors: My Linh Nguyen, Bentley Garrett, Mieczyslaw Dabkowski, Rabin Dahal, Vladimir Dragovic, Viswanath Ramakrishna, Jigarkumar Patel

Precalculus WeBWorK Assignments

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These open-source mathematics assignments are created to be used through the WeBWorK open-source online homework system. The assignments correspond to selected sections in the OpenStax Precalculus textbook. They were created with the help of a 2020-2022 Open Educational Resources (OER) Course Development and Implementation Grant Program through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment

Authors: Andras Balogh, Shaghayegh Setayesh (She/Her/Hers), Timothy Huber