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This collection features student success programs and initiatives at McMurry University.

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War Hawk Success Center – Building a Foundation for Student Success
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The Warhawk Success Center will use historical student success data to develop an index to identify those students who are more likely to need success coaching and wrap around support. This will allow us to calibrate the proactive care provided by success coaches, focusing their efforts on the students who are most likely to need it.
The majority of our students have only a vague notion of how the college classes they are taking connect to the career choices they will eventually make. This contributes to poor engagement with faculty and coursework, leading to students dropping out of college. We will clarify and strengthen the connection between academic pursuits and career readiness by adding the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Planning. Engaging students in activities outside the classroom is a high impact practice contributing to the development of critical skill sets boosting success in the classroom and improving the transition to postgraduate study and careers. The War Hawk Flight Plan provides a discipline-specific road map that guides students to key experiential learning opportunities promoting critical 21st Century Career Skills. We think that providing every McMurry student with at least one experiential learning opportunity will improve retention and graduation rates and workforce transition metrics.

DELIVERY FORMAT: The program is in-person only.

PROGRAM SCALE: Medium-scale (reaches between 10 and 25 percent of its target population)


CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: Cynthia Martin at martinc@mcm.edu or 325-793-3844

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