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College of Biblical Studies-Houston

This collection features student success programs and initiatives at the College of Biblical Studies-Houston.

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Advising Students for Success
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The Advising Students for Success project fall in line with the intent of the Accelerate Student Success Planning Grant. Through the Accelerate Student Success Planning Grant, our project will begin to improve our efforts of advising support to our students.
Project Goals and Objectives:
- Improve an advising model and move it to a student success model that is receptive to students (e.g. transfer students, specialized student populations (i.e. athletes, online/distance learners, etc.) and disciplines.
- Increase retention and timely progress to degree benchmarks by leveraging technology platforms
- Ease institutional barriers to ensure students can graduate in four years
- Increase high impact practices by providing training for all student success coaches to promote student success
- Post-completion goals (e.g., obtaining employment, continuing education, career advancement, economic development). We believe we are on track to accomplish many of the objectives.

DELIVERY FORMAT: The program has a hybrid format or has both online and in-person components.

PROGRAM SCALE: Large-scale (reaches more than 25 percent of its intended target population)

DEPARTMENT(S) OVERSEEING PROGRAM: Division of Enrollment and Student Services

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: Dr. Emmanuel Lalande at Emmanuel.Lalande@cbshouston.edu or 8322520707

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College of Biblical Studies-Houston
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