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    Unit 10: Exercises and Quizzes

    Unit 10:  Exercises and Quizzes


    Unit 10 includes all of the course exercises and quizzes for the VATTT: Visual Art Tools Terms and Topics Art Appreciation course. 

    VATTT Unit Exercises

    Unit Exercises:

    Introductory Exercise: First response analysis

    Take a look at the work shown at the following link from the Fort Worth Modern Museum of Art:

    Write a one or two sentence response to the work based on the first thing that comes to mind and post to the discussion board in the course. The response is very short so you will need to focus just on your first reaction. Usually works of art prompt a sequence of reactions but we are just focused on the first one for this exercise.

    Exercise Unit 1: Describe Subject Matter and Composition

    Select a work of art from one of the approved museum sites. Identify what is depicted in the work, explain where it is located within the format and the proportions of subject matter depicted. Address the principles of art that you see in the work such as focal point, harmony contrast, Unity, Variety and Balance. Describe details of the work that you didn’t notice at first.

    If it is a figurative work, describe the pose of the figure as well as the features such as hair color and body type.

    If it is a landscape, seascape, or cityscape, describe what is located in the foreground, middle ground and background.

    If it is a still life describe the objects depicted, their relative size and proportion.

    Do not pick a nonobjecive or abstract work for this exercise.

    Exercise Unit 2 Discuss (use terms in discussion)


    Choose a work of art that you find inspiring or interesting. Post a link to the work on a museum website. Make a positive statement about the work that expresses your interest in the work using 1-3 of the of the five basic terms.


    Ask a question about the work you selected that references one of the five Basic Terms.


    Respond to one of the assertions posted to the discussion board that does not have a response yet. In your response make sure to reference at least one basic term and at least 1 other art term listed in the PowerPoint files for Unit 2. (Reference a total of three for maximum credit)

    Respond to a question posted to the bulletin board that does not have a response yet. Use 1 to three of the basic terms from Unit 2 in your response. If you did any research to answer the question, post the source URL with your response. Sources need to be selected from the approved list or comparable to earn credit.

    Exercise Unit 3: Evaluate (kinds of value and relative value)

    Select a work from one of the approved museum sites. Post the URL to the work. Identify two kinds of value that you can justify in the work. Include a sentence or two that justifies each value you assigned to the work. Find another work with the same kind of value and explain why that work has more or less of that specific value.

    Exercise Unit 4: Interpret meaning          

    Select a work from one of the approved museum sites. Post the URL to the work. Interpret the work in two different ways based on two of the following perspectives: a viewers perspective, the artist’s perspective, a collector’s/curator’s perspective. Base one of your interpretations on what you see in the work. Base another interpretation on research. Include the source URL from your research.


    Exercise Unit 5: Describe Form

    Write a paragraph that describes all nine of the elements of art as you observe them in the work. Highlight each of the elements in the paragraph. Make sure to mention where in the work you see each element of art. Reference the subject matter if appropriate.

    Write a second paragraph that discusses the principles of unity, variety, balance, harmony, contrast, focal point, color scheme, symmetry, and repetition.


    Exercise Unit 6: Create Art work

    Choose one of the following art making assignments:

    1. Invent an art technique that utilizes a skill you already have.
    2. Choose one of the techniques of art in unit 6 and practice that technique for 3 to 6 hours.
    3. Make a work of art inspired by something you saw while walking outside.
    4. Make a work of art with a friend or family member as a collaborator.
    5. Make a 5 min video based on a “Day of Fun” that you plan and complete.
    6. Translate something that you love to do into an artform.
    7. Do one of the assignments on the Meranda July “Learning to Love you more” website.
    8. Glue together 15 or more items that you find. Paint the object. Use one color or use 15 different colors. Hand or spray paint is fine.


    Your art will be evaluated based on your overall commitment to the assignment including evidence of time spent, idea development and innovation.


    Research Assignment: Lesson Links

              1.Choose one of the topics in the VATTT document and create a rational for the link provided.

              2. Find another example of the same term by searching one of the web based museum collections found                  in the Selected Web Sources for Research document.

    Advocate Assignment: Essay

            Use the essay assignment to advocate for one of your most important values. 



    Here are thecourse quizzes I am in the process of revising them so that there is one for each unit.