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Playbook Course Completion & Certification

Playbook Course Completion & Certification


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Determine how to share their OER Playbook Plans 
  • Submit their OER Playbook Plans to receive a certificate of completion

How to submit your OER Playbook Course Plan

Participants have two options to use to share their plans.

  • Option 1 is to reply to the planning prompts in the group discussions. Participants will need be logged in and join the OER Playbook Group to be able reply to the group discussions.
  • Option 2 is to download and/or remix the OER in Texas Statewide Planning Template which guides participants through all of the planning activities and provides space to respond to the prompts in the template. Participants can download the template to use, or they can remix it to customize it for their institution and they publish it when they are ready to share.


To download the template, click the cloud icon on the top righthand side of the resource, and select the format you would like to download the resource. There are four options: EPUB 3, PDF, Thin Common Cartridge, and SCORM Package

  • EPUB 3 is better for accessibility / screenreaders than a PDF
  • Thin Commons Cartridge is recommended if you want to bring the template into into canvas or other LMS
  • SCORM creates a basic stripped down HTML version of the template as it is, kind of like choosing "save as a web page" from a browser to download to your device.

You can also export the template to google classroom, by clicking the green square icon on the resource. More information is available here: Google Classroom Integration


To remix the template, click on the blue remix button and you will have your own copy of the template to edit. Be sure to rename the title of your resource, update the overview, and edit the sections to create your OER Playbook Plan. When your plan is complete, update the description, and then publish. More information is available here: Remix a resource and the Open Author Tutorial Video is below.



To receive a certificate of completion, please email Using the email subject heading {YourFirstName_YourLastName Playbook Course Certificate of Completion} for your email, include the link to your group discussion posts or published template remix, or attach your template remix if it was created outside of Open Author. You should receive your Certificate of Completion via email within 5-7 business days.