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    Business and Professional Communication

    Business and Professional Communication


    Business and Professional Communication

    UNIT Titles

    Business and Professional Communication is s course that focuses on applying theories and practices of speech communication as it applies to business and professional situations. Students learn the fundamental techniques of business and professional presentations, including organizational and other types of communication used in business settings. The emphasis is on critical thinking, nonverbal communication, listening skills, interviewing, group processes, and formal presentations.

    UNIT I: Demonstrate communication competence and critical thinking through an understanding of the foundational communication models.

    UNIT II: Apply essential dyadic and small group processes as they relate to the workplace.

    UNIT III: Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication.

    UNIT IV: Demonstrate written and oral competencies as it relates to employment (including job searches, interviews, interpersonal interaction, conflict management, leadership and performance appraisals).

    UNIT V: Demonstrate essential public speaking skills in professional presentations.

    UNIT VI: Utilize various technologies as they relate to competent communication.