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  • Atomic Theory
  • Atomictheory
  • Constant Composition
  • Mass Conservation
  • Multiple Proportions
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    Atomic theory and 3 laws that support it


    This resource aligns with OpenStax Chemistry 2e section 2.1 and includes a mini-lecture on Atomic Theory and the 3 Laws that supported its acceptance by the scientific community and a Ted Ed video: the 2.400-year search for the atom (Theresa Doud)

    Three Laws that Support Atomic Theory

    Today, we generally accept that all matter is made of tiny particles called atoms but that was not always the case.  How did scientists prove to the world and other scientists that atoms exist?  This module includes resources to learn about Atomic Theory and 3 laws that led to Atomic Theory: the Law of Mass Conservation, the Law of Multiple Proportions, and the Law of Constant Composition.  

    This aligns with OpenStax Chemistry 2e, 2.1:


    1. Students will apply Mass conservation to a given set of conditions or results
    2. Students will define and identify Constant composition
    3. Students will define and identify Multiple proportions

    The 2,400-year search for the atom by Theresa Doud/TED Ed is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

    The 2,400-year Search for the Atom- Theresa Doud