Patrice Parsons
Nursing, Anatomy/Physiology, Nutrition
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Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment
Academic Lower Division
  • Core Competency Anatomy and Physiology
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Human Nutrition
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    Nutrition Analysis from 48 hour recall

    Nutrition Analysis from 48 hour recall


    This is an Anatomy and Physiology lab activity that allows students an opportunity to reflect on their eating patterns and goals from their own data. The image of the nutritional label from

    Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab on Metabolism and Diet

    The following content was revised and modified from a colleague, Dr. Wilfred Parsons at Atlantic Cape Community College. I have adapted this for our purposes and students at Grayson College. We use these documents to assess some of the Core Competencies in our Anatomy and Physiology 2 courses. The courses are more nodel and slide based in the labs and we welcome the ability to get students to connect concepts and relate them to their everyday lives. I am attaching 3 files for this lab activity. One file provides a manual tracking record for a student's energy in and out. The analysis file allows them to calculate various nutrients and energy consumes and compare this to the guidelines established by the USDA. The last document is a suggested rubric to grade the activity and provide some feedback to students. 

    This is a lab activity that requires students to track energy and nutrients consumed over 48 consecutive hours. They are then required to compare the intake to the requirements and summarize their deficiencies, surpluses as well as intentions based on their empirical evidence. The files to use can be accessed as Word documents or pdf and are attached.