Open Educational Resources (OER) in Texas Statewide Playbook

The Open Educational Resources (OER) in Texas Statewide Playbook is a resource developed by practitioners and advocates actively involved in the labor of open education to guide new and expanding OER work at institutions of higher education. The Playbook is the result of partnerships between the Division of Digital Learning, the Institution for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) – creators of OER Commons and experts in open education practice and research – and faculty, librarians, staff, and administrators from institutions and systems across Texas.

The creation of the Texas OER Playbook was one of the core initiatives identified in the 2021 OER landscape report, “Advancing an Ecosystem for Open Educational Resources: OER in Texas Higher Education, Biennial Report 2021.” It aims to support institutions as they work to build capacity and drive systems change around OER. It also serves as a guiding document for institutions that have not yet engaged in OER work or taken advantage of existing programs and opportunities. The hope is that the Texas OER Playbook will serve as a companion on the journey towards OER awareness and advocacy at your institution.

In the spirit of open, the Playbook is Creative Commons licensed and freely available for all to use and adapt. In it, users will find foundational information on OER, helpful tools for navigating institutional OER policies and programs, and examples of the extraordinary work being done at Texas institutions and systems. The playbook was built for continual evolution and improvement, and user voices can strengthen it as a community resource. Please share your experience with the Texas OER Playbook at