The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court consists of ________.

  1. nine associate justices
  2. one chief justice and eight associate justices
  3. thirteen judges
  4. one chief justice and five associate justices

A case will be placed on the Court’s docket when ________ justices agree to do so.

  1. four
  2. five
  3. six
  4. all



One of the main ways interest groups participate in Supreme Court cases is by ________.

  1. giving monetary contributions to the justices
  2. lobbying the justices
  3. filing amicus curiae briefs
  4. protesting in front of the Supreme Court building

The lawyer who represents the federal government and argues cases before the Supreme Court is the ________.

  1. solicitor general
  2. attorney general
  3. U.S. attorney
  4. chief justice



What do the appointments of the Supreme Court’s two newest justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, reveal about the changing court system?