The Federal Court System

Besides the Supreme Court, there are lower courts in the national system called ________.

  1. state and federal courts
  2. district and circuit courts
  3. state and local courts
  4. civil and common courts



In standing by precedent, a judge relies on the principle of ________.

  1. stare decisis
  2. amicus curiae
  3. judicial activism
  4. laissez-faire

The justices of the Supreme Court are ________.

  1. elected by citizens
  2. chosen by the Congress
  3. confirmed by the president
  4. nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate



Do you believe federal judges should be elected rather than appointed? Why or why not?

When it comes to filling judicial positions in the federal courts, do you believe race, gender, religion, and ethnicity should matter? Why or why not?


The United States has become much more diverse, and it is only fitting that the judicial branch more accurately reflects the demographic composition of the population. At the same time, judicial positions should be filled by the most competent and qualified candidates.