Guardians of the Constitution and Individual Rights

The Supreme Court’s power of judicial review ________.

  1. is given to it in the original constitution
  2. enables it to declare acts of the other branches unconstitutional
  3. allows it to hear cases
  4. establishes the three-tiered court system



The Supreme Court most typically functions as ________.

  1. a district court
  2. a trial court
  3. a court of original jurisdiction
  4. an appeals court

In Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton characterized the judiciary as the ________ branch of government.

  1. most unnecessary
  2. strongest
  3. least dangerous
  4. most political



Explain one positive and one negative aspect of the lifetime term of office for judges and justices in the federal court system. Why do you believe the constitution’s framers chose lifetime terms?

What do you find most significant about having a common law system?


The judicial branch is involved in the system of law-making in the United States. Through their interpretation of the law, judges are an important part of the legal system and influence the way law is made and interpreted. They don’t just apply the law; they also make it.