The Impact of the Media

Which of the following is an example of episodic framing?

  1. a story on drug abuse that interviews addicts and discusses reasons for addiction and government responses to help addicts
  2. a story on how drug abuse policy has changed since 1984
  3. a story on candidates’ answers to a drug question in a debate
  4. a story detailing arguments against needle exchange programs



According to research, why might a woman decide not to run for office?

  1. She feels the work is too hard.
  2. She fears her positions will be covered too closely by the press.
  3. She fears the media will criticize her family.
  4. She fears the campaign will be too expensive.

Media coverage of a race tends to ________.

  1. accurately portray all races equally
  2. accurately portray whites and blacks as victims
  3. overrepresent whites and the elderly as poor
  4. overrepresent African Americans as poor



How might framing or priming affect the way a reader or viewer thinks about an issue?

Why would inaccurate coverage of race and gender affect policy or elections?


If we are presented with a reality, it affects the way we vote and the policies we support.