Voter Registration

Which of the following makes it easy for a citizen to register to vote?

  1. grandfather clause
  2. lengthy residency requirement
  3. National Voter Registration Act
  4. competency requirement



Which of the following is a reason to make voter registration more difficult?

  1. increase voter turnout
  2. decrease election fraud
  3. decrease the cost of elections
  4. make the registration process faster

What unusual step did Oregon take to increase voter registration?

  1. The state automatically registers all citizens over eighteen to vote.
  2. The state ended voter registration.
  3. The state sends every resident a voter registration ballot.
  4. The state allows online voter registration.



What effect did the National Voter Registration Act have on voter registration?

What challenges do college students face with regard to voter registration?


The main challenge is figuring out where students wish to register, at home or at college. Out-of-state students have an even greater challenge because they have moved across state lines.