The Fight for Women’s Rights

At the world’s first women’s rights convention in 1848, the most contentious issue proved to be _________.

  1. A. the right to education for women
  2. B. suffrage for women
  3. C. access to the professions for women
  4. D. greater property rights for women

How did NAWSA differ from the NWP?

  1. NAWSA worked to win votes for women on a state-by-state basis while the NWP wanted an amendment added to the Constitution.
  2. NAWSA attracted mostly middle-class women while NWP appealed to the working class.
  3. The NWP favored more confrontational tactics like protests and picketing while NAWSA circulated petitions and lobbied politicians.
  4. The NWP sought to deny African Americans the vote, but NAWSA wanted to enfranchise all women.



The doctrine that people who do jobs that require the same level of skill, training, or education are thus entitled to equal pay is known as ________.

  1. the glass ceiling
  2. substantial compensation
  3. comparable worth
  4. affirmative action