Texas Insights Accelerator

The Texas Insights Accelerator (TIA) is a data-intensive improvement initiative within the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), which aims to increase the college and career success outcomes of Texas students by providing data resources, training, and opportunities to engage in data-intensive improvement. Our hub presence on OERTX exists as a space to convene networks of frontline workers committed to improving practice as we learn and build open educational resources for broader use.

About TIA

Welcome to our virtual hub presence on OERTX. This is our collaboration space for networked improvement communities (NICs) across many of our Texas Insights Accelerator data and improvement projects. Our NICs are made up of practitioners providing critical feedback and co-designing innovative solutions to challenges facing students and institutions in higher ed. As we problem solve and learn together, we hope to build a wider network by sharing our processes and products as open educational resources.

Curated Collections