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OpenStax Chemistry: Flipped Classroom Reading Guides for General Chemistry (1st semester)

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Here you can find reading guides that were created by Montgomery College faculty for undergraduate general chemistry students to use to guide their reading of OpenStax Chemistry. These guides are closely aligned with chapters 1-11 and were designed for use in the first semester sequence of general chemistry. They can be used in a flipped-style classroom where students complete them before the lecture. Or they can be used to reinforce important topics learned in class. Each study guide has fill-in-the blank style questions, as well as links to videos where similar problems are worked through. Finally, suggested practice problems relevant to the topic of each study guide are listed at the end.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Student Guide

Author: Alycia Palmer

Introduction to Business and Professional Communication

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This text provides the student with an introduction to communication in a business and professional setting with the focus on exploring the common human communication behaviors that are at play in organizations as well as in life. The text is divided into five parts that cover the process of human communication, organizational communication and culture, interpersonal communication, interviewing, communicating in groups and teams, meetings, and building effective presentations.Originally, the development of these materials arose from the desire of the Speech Communication Discipline at El Paso Community College to provide SPCH 1321 students with a cost-effective textbook that was similar in content to the other textbook choices. This textbook is a revision of the initial OER materials and adds new information from a variety of OER sources.  

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Susan Selk

Biology OER

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Assorted biology-related OER including biomedical science, biology and forensic science. OER in multiple formats including video, animations and downloadable text.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

OpenStax Introductory Statistics PowerPoint Slides

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This is a series of lesson plans based upon the OpenStax Introductory Statistics Textbooks. It contains sections on Sampling and Data, Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Discrete Random Variables, Continuous Random Variables, Distributions, The Central Limit Theorem, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression and Correlation. Downloading of the slides will begin as soon as you click "View Resource."

Material Type: Lecture Notes

Authors: German Vargas, Jamil Mortada, Jose Lugo, Laura Lynch, Syvillia Averett, Treg Thompson, Victor Vega

Cohesion: Uniting Reading and Writing!

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The purpose of this text, or should we say guide, is to help all students in English composition classes - whether stand-alone or coupled with reading courses - understand the connections and the cohesive aspect of reading and writing. The authors used their own years of teaching both reading and writing, for all levels in college, to explain concepts in a straightforward and clear manner for students. The goal is that this becomes a resource - a FREE resource – students can return to time and time again when they have questions or need a refresher even after their English composition course ends.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Erika Warnick, Elaine Ramzinski, Tasha Vice